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Detox Food Pads for Deep Cleaning

Detox Food Pads for Deep Cleaning

Immerse your feet in the ultimate detox experience with our foot pads, crafted from natural ingredients. Allow the pads to draw out impurities and toxins, promoting a refreshed and revitalized feeling.

✔ Targeted Results Every Morning

✔ Effortless Overnight Revitalisation

✔ Convenient Self-Care Solution


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  • Foot Pain Relief
  • Natural Ingredients

How It Works?

1. Absorption of Toxins:

It is believed that as the body undergoes metabolic processes, waste products and toxins are produced. According to proponents of detox foot patches, these toxins are then drawn out through the sweat glands in the feet.

2. Stimulation of Reflex Points:

The patches are strategically placed on the feet to target specific reflex points that, according to reflexology principles, are linked to different organs and systems in the body. The patches are thought to stimulate these reflex points, encouraging the release of toxins.

3. Color Change:

Some detox foot patches undergo a noticeable color change after use. This change is often attributed to the extraction of impurities from the body. However, it's essential to note that the color change is not necessarily indicative of specific toxins being removed.

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Draw Out Those Toxins!

These detox patches drain excessive fluids through the biggest pores in the whole body – the feet! They stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph to the torso.


Detox Foot Pads for a Fresh Morning Boost!

Detox foot pads are designed to offer a refreshing experience by harnessing natural ingredients and the principles of reflexology. As you apply the pads to the soles of your feet, they work to stimulate reflex points believed to be connected to various organs. Through the night, the pads purportedly assist in drawing out impurities and promoting the release of toxins, contributing to a sense of revitalisation.

Effortless Application with Our Foot Patches!

Experience effortless wellness with our easy-to-apply foot patches. Designed for simplicity, these patches adhere seamlessly to the soles of your feet, allowing you to unwind and detoxify without any hassle. Enjoy the convenience of a quick application, and let the natural ingredients work their magic overnight. Elevate your self-care routine with ease – a rejuvenated you is just a step away

Overnight Care for a Fresh Morning Boost

For a full 8 hours, our product provides dedicated care, allowing you to wake up to the results you desire. Let the night be your ally in achieving rejuvenated skin, enhanced well-being, and a refreshed start every morning.

Product Information

Package Size:

201 x 140 x 20 mm

Product information:

Size: 13 x10cm
Packing: bagged
Weight: 94 g
Efficacy: Plant foot paste

Packing list:

Bag full length stickers *10