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Premium Heated Knee & Elbow Massager

Premium Heated Knee & Elbow Massager

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If you're plagued by persistent knee pain or bothersome joint stiffness, such as shoulder discomfort, our heated vibration massager is tailored to provide relief and enhance mobility.

Crafted with a blend of heat therapy and vibration massage, the Premium Knee Flow Massager effectively targets knee pain by promoting blood circulation to the affected area and delivering deep relaxation through gentle vibrations. Strategically placed vibration acupressure points at the massager's core alleviate muscle tension, reducing stiffness and promoting overall joint well-being.

Engineered for on-the-go relief from knee and joint discomfort, the Premium ThermaBrace Knee Massager boasts a soft fabric construction, making it effortlessly portable for your daily commutes or travels, without occupying excess space.

Product Specifications:

  1. Magnetic type Clear LED display touchable controller to operate each functions seperately.
  2. The controller is with built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, rechargeable and long-lasting use.
  3.  Built-in heating pads, promoting blood circulation and relieve arthritis pains.
  4. 5 heating levels (40℃, 45℃, 50℃, 55℃, 60℃) adjustable.
  5. 3 Vibration modes are adjustable according to your personal feelings.
  6. Velcro design, able to adjust the size to fit most users.
  7. Extra extension belt included, perfect for knee, shoulder & elbow.


Massager * 1

USB cable * 1

Controller * 1

Extension Belt * 1

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Versatile Design

for Multiple Uses: Beyond addressing knee pain, this adaptable massager includes an extension belt, enabling it to deliver the soothing effects of heat and vibration therapy to your shoulders and elbows. Experience comprehensive relaxation with a single body massager, alleviating tension and muscle discomfort across various areas of your body.

Battery Operated

Wireless Convenience: Say goodbye to tangled wires and embrace the simplicity of wireless massage. Featuring a sleek design, the LCD display includes a magnetic battery compartment for easy operation and convenient recharging, providing a hassle-free experience.

Temperature Control

Tailor the heat to your preferences effortlessly with the temperature control chip. Rest assured, the knee massager's heating control maintains a steady temperature, whether it's for daily care, post-exercise recovery, or relieving joint discomfort. We've got you covered for all your needs.